A little Information Regarding My Experience

I wanted to take a moment to put into writing a little information regarding my recent experience with your Real Estate Team.

First let me point out that I am very experienced in real estate transactions myself, having negotiated, bought, sold and leased both residential and commercial properties all over the U.S. for decades now. I’ve used dozens of different real estate firms and agents over the course of these transactions in cities all over the U.S. Truth be told, the vast majority of realtors I’ve selected have done a very good job for me.

I believe in the overwhelming sea of potential real estate agents a buyer or seller can select for their transaction – that it’s very difficult for one team to distinguish itself or what they promise to bring to the table that’s ‘different’ or ‘better’ than what any other potential realtor promises during the interview process. Much of the technology is the same, websites, search engines, pictures, property tours, etc. Most promises, verbal commitments, marketing materials, etc. offered before the listing or buyer’s agent contract is signed are similar or basically the same. It’s what happens AFTER the agreement is signed that makes an experience exceptional and separates the similar promises from the reality of the experience.

THIS is where the Wheaton Team simply stood out far above and beyond any other realtor experience I’ve ever had. I researched for weeks, narrowed down and interviewed 4 of the top performing real estate teams in Colorado Springs before choosing The Wheaton Team as my listing agents. Though the entire Wheaton team was fantastic, the vast majority of my interactions were with John Wheaton. There is no way to express in this letter the level of service, commitment and ‘above and beyond expectation’ efforts that John provided. The entire time my home was listed, I lived 2000 miles away and was very limited in what I could add to the sales process. I was not there to prep, stage, secure or even clean the home. I was completely dependent upon finding the right agent to handle this complex process and juggle vendors for me. John owned the project flawlessly for me from start to finish. He provided a level of responsiveness, conscientious care of my property, staging, oversight, vendor suggestions and on numerous occasions, personal elbow grease that went so far beyond what would normally be expected or required of a listing agent that I actually felt guilt over his efforts. I can’t even enumerate the details of all he did beyond what would be expected of a listing agent. Even given all the extra effort, at NO time was I ever pressured to lower a listing price, to shorten the time frame, or to take any offer that wasn’t absolutely in MY best interest. The theme was always, we will be here to do as much as it takes, for as long as it takes to get the home sold for you.

In short – it can be overwhelming for a home seller to pick one realtor or team over the endless options and teams out there competing for the listing. And it’s difficult for any team to say anything or promise anything different to the home seller during the interview to secure the listing. But after the listing contract is signed, the Wheaton Team is simply better on delivering the goods. They are far and away the best realtors I’ve ever used. You’ve earned my business for life and I just CANNOT recommend you highly enough to ANYONE in Colorado Springs who’s trying to narrow down the field and choose a real estate team!

Thank you so much Jean, John and crew! You’re the best there is.

~Chris Terry